That Night

That night we danced at the Octagon

I leaned into you and sunk into your magnetic orbit

Under the powdery veil of darkness, we marched to my palace

The fanfare of our frenzied hearts.


The wrinkles of your soul plundered my lonely heart.

You called out my name and I drank your smoldering lips like summer wine.

Your words wandered into me.

And my skin rose like bread to feed you more.


The glasses that contained the spirit of our fancy, undrunk.

Distracted, I clung to you as if from a cliff, drawn by your dark, pacific eyes.

The ink that runs from those wells and dyes my life.

Our embrace directed by drunk stagehands in the theatre of destiny.


Your unfolded body crushed under the weight of mine.

Our heavy breaths swayed the sails of ships at sea.

Your molten voice dripped down my electric spine.

My glaciers carved away at your landscape before thawing

To your climate and flooding your shores.


We were timeless, formless, depthless.

My desire like silt woven into your every chasm.

We drowned in each other’s intensity.

I held you in my still arms and together we gazed at the infinite horizon.