The year has all but fled away.

But before it’s gone, like you, from my life,

I shall go back to where it all began,

To the places that no one can take away from us.


The palette of the city’s lights are still there,

just as it was when we embraced in the streets.

There’s a pink scarf in the crowd, like the one you used to wear.

I fear that you’ve become irreplaceable.


Because I feel your void wherever I go

and wake to find myself wondering about you.

I remember, I still remember how good it was.

How everything was better with you in my life.


But every line I write now, I do so hoping that it’s my last.

Because these last few months were death,

and I can feel myself bleeding dry

trying to keep alive a dream


That one day you’d come back

And tell me how much you’ve missed me.

For our memories break my heart each time I recall them,

which is far too many and often enough.


Love, if it is just me having these thoughts

And those of another fill your days,

I shall in a frenzy burn down my dreams

and bury these streets in a flurry of ash.


Then perhaps time itself will dismantle,

And all will be returned to its proper place

before we do what always was and will be, again.

My muse, I wish you were no longer.