Ode to 2015

We met on a frigid January day.
The dancing M&M above the subway.
I still remember the way we said hello and walked to Miez.
We talked of love, travel, and Socrates.
I missed the last train and she barely made hers.
That night I wished to be the one her heart prefers.

February came and went with a breeze
We met at Hongdae and drank green teas
Slaughterhouse Five and Dr. Parnassus
Forever this perfect day could last us
She made my heart pound but how could I tell her?
Maybe on Valentines day over dinner and Interstellar?
Late night coffee, Hershey Kisses, she made my heart flutter
I gave her Catch-22, from one dreamer to another.
Until next time in Myungdong the week after
Soju, chicken, stories, her laughter
Back seat in a taxi she cried as she held me tight
My heart ached as I told her ‘everything will be alright’
Hongdae late night on the twenty-second of February
With the help of some makkeoli, my actions no longer cautionary.
I reached for a hand, our first kiss, an embrace,
She had to go, but no! Another kiss, just in case!
And just like that, that night
Our love did ignite.

March 1st was our first trip away.
I wrote in the night as I kept sleep at bay.
So beautiful and smart. She had my heart set afire.
A muse, my life and soul she inspired.
I held her hand as I nodded off on the bus
My Sunny had been writing a poem of us.
Her hair was flowing as we explored the old town
Pictures, dduk galbi, and a game of dangoo near sundown.
Surprise presents on a date at IFC
What is, was and always will be.
Brunch at yeomchang, her beautiful red hair.
Lunch atop 63 when you gave me a Beanpole shirt to wear.
Cafe the Bridge, rings to symbolize our love.
We were sharing the moments we had always hoped of.

April showers came but we were inside
my room where, in this month, we would most often reside.
We walked underneath cherry blossoms near the river Han
Next up, on the 11th, an overnight trip to Busan.
We walked for hours, ate izakaya, underneath the skies gray
Bong-gu Beer, and the club with the country’s worst DJ.
Our walk on the night beach, our ride apart on the train
We hookahed soon after, she scared me as she collapsed in the rain.
End the month with clubbing done proper
I love how she dances and I am never going to stop her.

May starts with a night lit with LED roses and finishing the puzzle with pain
Just three days later, Jeju-bound, we boarded a plane.
Black sand, white sand, donkatsu, and buses full of tourists,
With less than three months in, what I knew for sure is
Baby I love you and we’ll be back again soon
In a warmer weather, go dipping at the beach of the moon.
Then began the hectic month of June for a test,
At the place of my work I was under arrest.
So it was at Yeomchang, Hwagok, and even at Daechi,
We dated like normal couples, baseball games, movies, we don’t need to sightsee.
The summer kicked into gear and I was afraid
that with my long brutal schedule that our time together would fade.
But we made it work, and just like the hot summer,
I received the most passionate and affectionate love from her.

Only July but I need a vacation.
For a trip to Kyungju we headed to the bus station.
She was so beautiful with her white blouse and pink skirt.
Tired from all the walking, we stopped for dessert.
A brief break after the museums, we knew so much history.
I just couldn’t believe that she was so into me.
Up next was the drive to the mud festival.
She showed me her strong side as the Lotteria was reprehensible.
Our five month anniversary, Il Cipriani was where
I know the way to your heart, a steak cooked just rare.

August came around and back to normal we did
More steaks at Mokdong, dinners at Kangnam amid
The growing concern over our farewell too near
And worries over a future unclear.
To the moon beach again, we went and stayed longer
Stuffed our bellies with pork, our love was never stronger
A swim at the beach, her cut foot, and face masks before bed
The trip went too fast and the days soon ahead
Prepare for the semester, her hair no longer red
Time to go back the calendar said.
The most beautiful of days and nights to remember.
“I’ll see you again, in Abu Dhabi, in September.”

A long distance relationship, new hardships emerge
Conflict converge, interests diverge, feelings submerge, and explosions surge.
We had our big fights, not the end of them yet
A flight to Abu Dhabi, our feelings reset.
Party on a private island, palaces of gold,
The place was just like everything she had foretold.
But of the desert, the Burj, mosques, and exploration
I most cherished the nights in, pizzas ordered, and playstation.
We lived together, the future a sneak peak,
I knew that that was the life that I seek.
I left in tears, an exhausting detour
All because the seats Etihad couldn’t ensure

Off to October, and back to long D
But only two weeks passed until she came to see me.
Couple sweatshirts, new iPhone, and lunch kimchi stew
For ten days there was noone on Earth but us two.
But school’s back in session and reality resumes
Our dates were designated to just our skype chatrooms.

November and December were riddled with trouble
We both hurt and got hurt, but our efforts redouble.
A busier us, we learned to adapt
As we a more unperfect self of each other unwrapped
But imperfection is perfection, as long as she is mine.
And I hers, forever in time.
Despite the tenderness that these months incurred
Full of love in between all these moments there were.
And reassured of each other as months close to ten.
I think to myself time and again.

Thank you for the wonderful 2015.
Where I was your king and you were my queen.
Here’s to another eventful year.
Another adventure, another frontier.
I love you my Sunny, with all my heart.
Here’s to our past year, and a new year to start.